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Vaccination registration

What citizens need to know

Bavarian vaccination concept

Bavaria started the first vaccinations against the SARS-CoV-2 virus on December 27, 2020. However, the vaccine was not enough for everyone at the beginning. The introduction of prioritization ensured that the most vulnerable people are protected first. Now that the vaccine is available in sufficient quantities, the vaccination summit on June 28, 2021 decided to lift the prioritization in the Bavarian vaccination centers.

All citizens now have the option of choosing an appointment immediately after registering, provided that suitable, free appointments are available. The proposed dates are always suggested to the vaccinee taking into account the age rating of the vaccines. As currently no vaccine has been approved for people under 12 years of age, it is not possible to arrange a vaccination appointment for them.

How do I get an appointment for a vaccination?

You now have the opportunity to simply come to the vaccination center without an appointment. So that the vaccination appointment can run as smoothly as possible for you on site, we recommend that you use the online registration system. Here you can enter all the information required for your vaccination yourself in advance at home in our vaccination system. This saves you the hassle of filling out the vaccination forms in the vaccination center and allows you to speed up your vaccination.

But no matter whether with or without an appointment, please do not forget to bring your yellow vaccination card (WHO - Int. Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis) with you so that the colleagues at the vaccination center can document your coronavirus vaccination.

However, you still have the option to arrange a fixed vaccination appointment with our vaccination centers.

  • You can find the contact details for your responsible vaccination center using the search function under vaccination center.
  • You can also contact the national telephone number 116 117. The hotline connects you directly to the vaccination center responsible for you. The federal hotline is currently available from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week.

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